The smart choice for reliable consistency in a multi-grade product

Gerdau offers GGMULTI, an MBQ product with 10 different grades and standards. Gerdau’s metallurgists created this unique product with the customer’s needs in mind. GGMULTI is designed for high performance, achieving consistent strength specifications with low carbon content. These advancements improve steel toughness, ductility and improved weldability necessary for various operations in steel fabrication.

With GGMULTI, you can expect a consistent product with more predictability and higher flexibility while saving time and money on inventory management. Learn more about the benefits by contacting your Gerdau representative today.

GGMULTI Benefits:

  • Satisfies 10 Different Grades
  • Reduction of inventory by combining several grades into one
  • Real time savings for purchasing and warehousing
  • Narrow Chemistry Specifications
  • Consistent Mechanical Properties
  • Improved Weldability
  • Better fabrication processes for shearing, punching, bending


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